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Facebook has reported a spurt in demand for information from government agencies across the globe

Facebook- Transparency Report at Cyber Secure India
The demand for chat logs, location data, profile, friends list, and much such information on Facebook and WhatsApp by government agencies, has been on the increase. Facebook is duty bound to provide such information to the authorized cyber agencies and LEA of the governments. Facebook also releases the ‘Transparency Report’ periodically, to inform the consumers the data asked-for and provided. F...
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BITS Pilani team reaches Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Finals

BITS Pilani team to compete with teams at Microsoft Imagine Cup 2017 Finals.
Microsoft Imagine Cup is the company’s technology competition providing opportunities for student technology enthusiasts, developers and aspiring entrepreneurs from all academic backgrounds to collaborate, develop a technology application, create a business plan and present it as a valuable concept to market. Imagine Cup was started fourteen years ago, more than 1.7 million (10,98,69,300 (approx...
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All Administrators on Social Media Apps will now be responsible for offensive comments and FIR can be filed against a Group Admin for such act by other users

Offensive posts on Social Media can land group admin in jail at Cyber Secure India
India is said to be the fastest growing in terms of internet penetration. The instant messaging app “WhatsApp” which is owned by Facebook and as per the latest statistics, it is said to be the most popular messaging app globally. The app is being used in over 110 countries, and is being used by over 50 percent of the net users in the world. In India alone there are over 20 crores users. In a lan...
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WhatsApp will now allow users to share Own-Location on a group or to a member in the chat app

WhatsApp Location Share feature in the Offing at Cyber Secure India
Were you aware that WhatsApp first captures a user’s own-location before the data connection is restored and the push and pull of data happens from the server? This data so captured is now available as a utility to provide the latitude-longitude detail over the chat to the desired users in the group of even other members. So now beware of what excuses you give for not meeting. The sharable locat...
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The Windows OS Fact Sheet Stipulates End of Lifecycle for each of the Softwares

Windows Vista OS declare End of Lifecycle at Cyber Secure India
Windows Vista Operating System (OS) from Microsoft Corporation, which was released November 2008 is now declare obsolete and the company has stopped the support with effect from 11 April 2017. All software version and OS of systems, are provide with a timeline its support and maintenance: Latest update or service pack;  End of mainstream support;  End of extended support (End of Lifecycle).  Onc...
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Cisco Cyber Range Lab in India Inaugurated

Cisco sets up 'Cyber Range' in Gurugram, India.
Cisco in India has recently inaugurated a "Cyber Range" at its Gurugram location. The Range is claimed to be 'a one of its kind' in India. It has the built-in capability of providing highly specialized technical training to help security staff build the skills and experience necessary to combat new-age threats. The event which was organized on 12 April 2017, was inaugurated by Dr. Gulshan Rai, ...
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