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Cyber Forensics

AccessData Releases New Version of AD eDiscovery® Software Platform and Summation®

AccessData Releases new version of E-discovery Software.
Earlier this month, AccessData Group, a trusted provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, released new versions of its Digital Forensics software products, AD Lab 6.2, FTK® 6.2 and AD Enterprise 6.2. Today, 25th April, 2017, AccessData has released version 6.2 of ‘AD eDiscovery’ and ‘Summation’. “The new version of AD eDiscovery features an innovative HTML 5 dashboa...
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Penetration Testing Software “Metasploit” Unveils new tool as “Metasploit Vulnerable Service Emulator”

Metasploit has a new product to test the vulnerable services.
Metasploit is one component that is preferred across the globe when Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service is to be performed. The security professionals when conducting IT (information technology) audit of an enterprise to examine and evaluate the IT framework of the enterprise goes through certain stages as part of the inspection and verification of the site; which involves condu...
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Researcher Explain How Tor Browser Artifacts can be fetched from a Windows 10 System

Research shows Tor Browser Artifacts from Windows 10.
Law Enforcement Authorities, more specifically the Digital Forensic Investigators come across situations which can neither be overlooked nor be dealt with any sort of trouble. Whether it is using the licensed software or fetching data from the evidence, an investigator faces lot of issues while solving a cyber crime. One such component that is counted common among the privacy advocates, journal...
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‘MOBILedit Forensic Express’ to support Apple iOS 10.2 Encryption

MOBILedit Forensic Express supports iOS 10.2 Encryption.
Since the FBI vs. Apple battle earlier this year, Apple iPhones and encryption standards used by the vendor has become the highlight of any new updates from their side. Apple was not supportive on their part, thus the U.S. law enforcement FBI had to take ‘the road not/less taken’. Now, a globally recognized Mobile Forensics solutions enterprise “Compelson” has launched two separate versions (ve...
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Digital Evidence Investigator: A New End-to-End Forensic Tool

Digital Forensic Investigators, this might be the right tool for you!
At a crime scene, it becomes a tedious job for an investigator to collect evidence from a “Digital Artifact”. To extract legal and appropriate evidence, digital forensic investigators carry hardware and software toolkits with them. Most commonly used and accepted in the court of law are FTK Imager by Access Data and EnCase by Guidance Software to process and analyze computers, external drives, d...
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Indian Banks Become the Latest Victims of Cyber Attack

Indian Banks Hit with a Cyber Attack- Debit Cards at Risk.
The Myth that “I am safe and my security cannot be compromised” is broken for many fellow citizens. Major Banks such as: State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI, Yes Bank, HDFC and Axis Bank has reported about a security breach that has hit the Indian customers majorly. India’s leading newspapers 'The Times of India' and 'The Economic Times' have alerted the users of certain banks about a security bre...
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