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Cyber Vulnerabilities

Public Availability of Aadhar Numbers and related Personal Information: A Serious Security Concern

Aadhaar Details of Citizens is a serious security concern.
Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit Identification Number issued to Indian citizens. The data collected for the generation of unique ID includes name, biometric details and demographic details of an individual. Also, it has become compulsory for all the citizens to get an Aadhaar number to avail certain government services. Further, as per recent court approval, in Budget 2017, Aadhaar number can be ma...
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National Cyber Authority of Israel reports beating back massive attack on the country

Cyber Attack on Israel thawed by agencies at Cyber Secure India
The National Cyber Authority (NCA) was established in Israel in the year 2012. Subsequently in the year 2015, the agency was provided a comprehensive plan for national readiness in cyberspace. On 26 Apr 2017, the Israeli Government announced that the country was under a massive Cyber Attack on over 200 entities including, government ministries, public bodies, and private individuals. "We are po...
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Microsoft proposes a Cyber Security Geneva Convention Agreement for Global Cyber Safety

Microsoft wants mutual consensuses on Cyber Security among Governments and Industry at Cyber Secure India
The Software Giant, Microsoft Corporation last month, had expressed grave concern with regard to Cyber Security and its adherence from both in the Government and Corporate establishment. It called for all stakeholders to come together and arrive at a consensus on digital standards that protect the private sector and that can also prevent major adverse cyber incidents that may cause losses to man...
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Metasploit upgraded can now handle Internet of Things devices

IoT weakspots can now be tested through Metasploit at Cyber Secure India
IoT (Internet of Things) devices today are the talk of the industry, and the need for testing and penetration of these devices have been in demand form the industry for a long time now.  The IoT devices have not only found its path into corporate networks but also into domestic and personal needs. It is a known fact that these devices will be susceptible to vulnerabilities and also to attacks fr...
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Atlassian gets a Patch for Apache Struts 2 Zero day affecting their Server Products

Apache Struts 2 vulnerability affecting Atlassian products get a patch.
Atlassian is an enterprise software company which helps the software developers in software development, code improving and complete project management. They have a range of products which includes: Confluence, Crowd, HipChat, BitBucket, Bamboo and well known issue tracking application JIRA. Few days ago, Apache Struts 2, a free and open source framework used to build Atlassian products was fou...
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