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Digital Security Breaches

Public Availability of Aadhar Numbers and related Personal Information: A Serious Security Concern

Aadhaar Details of Citizens is a serious security concern.
Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit Identification Number issued to Indian citizens. The data collected for the generation of unique ID includes name, biometric details and demographic details of an individual. Also, it has become compulsory for all the citizens to get an Aadhaar number to avail certain government services. Further, as per recent court approval, in Budget 2017, Aadhaar number can be ma...
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Microsoft proposes a Cyber Security Geneva Convention Agreement for Global Cyber Safety

Microsoft wants mutual consensuses on Cyber Security among Governments and Industry at Cyber Secure India
The Software Giant, Microsoft Corporation last month, had expressed grave concern with regard to Cyber Security and its adherence from both in the Government and Corporate establishment. It called for all stakeholders to come together and arrive at a consensus on digital standards that protect the private sector and that can also prevent major adverse cyber incidents that may cause losses to man...
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PetrWrap: the new yet old Petya-based ransomware used in targeted attacks

Petya ransomware returns at Cyber Secure India
This website in early April 2016, had reported of the Petya virus and also the provisions to counter it using the available vaccine. Not much was talked of the virus till a group of researchers identified the virus to have appeared on the web again. This time the attacker is using the same virus as a ransomware with unique targeted attack capacity. The new version of the ransomware is named “Pet...
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MAC Randomization technique not serving the desired purpose

MAC Address Randomization and the underlying truth
Few years ago “MAC Address Randomization” technique was introduced and was deemed as the next big thing in IT ecosystem. The technology emerged as a revolution as it could generate unique random MAC (Media Access Control) address for a mobile device; to safeguard against tracking of MAC addresses at an instance when the said device is commuting in an open network (i.e. Public Wi-Fi environments)...
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Penetration Testing Software “Metasploit” Unveils new tool as “Metasploit Vulnerable Service Emulator”

Metasploit has a new product to test the vulnerable services.
Metasploit is one component that is preferred across the globe when Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (VAPT) service is to be performed. The security professionals when conducting IT (information technology) audit of an enterprise to examine and evaluate the IT framework of the enterprise goes through certain stages as part of the inspection and verification of the site; which involves condu...
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A new kind of Crypto-Ransomware is causing havoc on MacOS

New crypto-ransomware hits macOS at Cyber Secure India
A very poorly coded Crypto-ransomware was detected which was found to be targeting macOS, this malware was more directed towards the Mac desktops and laptops.   This new ransomware, written in Swift, is distributed via BitTorrent distribution sites and calls itself “Patcher”, ostensibly an application for pirating popular software. In this specific case the “patchers” was seen bundled in Adobe P...
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