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Google Map has a new update that is India specific

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Google Map - Update for India at Cyber Secure India
Google Map – Update for India

The Google Map has now received an update that is India specific. It seems that the subscribers of Google Map in India are large enough that they cannot be neglected. The fact that many related revenue making apps subscribed by consumers ride on the ‘Google Map’ is also a point that the marketers of Google Inc cannot neglect. Notwithstanding, all the aforesaid points; it is also a known fact that India has a somewhat erratic and unsatisfying bandwidth to the end user, also prompts many app developers to come-up with a lite or not-so-heavy app for the mobile devices.

The new update, has reduced the ‘information density’ that is loaded Ab-initio and also ensure the quick loading on a single tap.

The home screen now loads even on a slow connectivity and it is also seen that the old “compass” symbol is back on the top right corner. Also the bottom row is now display a new look, and this will allow users to switch between Satellite, Traffic, and Transport Lines Layer. The ability to load and use the map on offline mode is also an enhanced feature available in the newer version.

Users can update the version on the device to enjoy the new features.

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