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Google’s new OS “FUCHSIA” for Smartphone and Tablets is making news

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A new OS from Google FUCHSIA at Cyber Secure India
A new OS from Google FUCHSIA

Google has been reportedly developing a third OS apart from the Android and Chrome OS. The  new OS has been named “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, and is said to be experimented by Google since a year now.  Google initially had built the new OS from the command line interface, and has been augmenting the system with user interface that is said to be graphical.

Google has been on the job to rule out all third-party APK from its core OS source code. One among this is the Google Pixel phone, which had removed the dependency on third party codes to the Android version used on the Pixel.

It is not clear as the reasons for introducing a new OS, when the Android had stabilized to a large extent. However, it may that Google is completely looking at phasing-out the Android and use the new Fuchsia for the phones that will be shipped after the Android-O version.

Speculations are also in the air, that Fuchsia will be a smartphone and tablet-focused operating system, built largely around a card-based system for managing different apps.