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India gets the Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi services w.e.f 04 May 2017

Facebook 'Express Wi-Fi' in operation in India.
The pomp and show that was depicted when Facebook came out with the full-page  advertisement in the National papers: "The internet.org is now here in India". Facebook has now officially launched the “Express Wi-Fi” in India, from, today, 04 May 2017. The first of the partners being ‘Airtel’; the company will launch about 20,000 hotspots partnering with Airtel. Facebook has already carried out th...
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Are silent DDoS attacks on the web, a cause of slow broadband connectivity across the globe, and is India having a solution for it?

DDoS attack, a means of chocking internet speed at Cyber Secure India
Introduction: In September of this year, i.e  2016, there were news reports that Sweden had lost out on being the global leader in the ranking of “average connection speed” on the world wide web or the Internet speed. Sweden was reduced to fourth with a speed of 18.8 mbps (megabits per second); South Korea became first with a speed of 27 mbps. They were followed in second place by Norway with a...
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Airtel’s free public Wi-Fi hotspots launched in Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government of Delhi had promised that during their first year of governance, the free Wi-Fi regime will be started for its citizens. This plan was part of the AAPs 70 point action plan. However, the project has been delayed as on today, and it is a well known fact that the implementation and infrastructure for Delhi is on its final stages now. Yesterday, i.e. 11 July 20...
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Indian net users are at an advantage now – YouTube Smart Offline lets to store videos offline with overnight cheaper download rates

YouTube new feature available for India Cyber Secure India
Google had earlier launched an offline mode for YouTube users in India, and users had accepted it with full enthusiasm. YouTube has now launched a new feature called “Smart Offline”. Smart Offline will let users queue videos to be scheduled to download overnight, when data costs are off-peak for many Indian mobile providers. This feature will be useful to Indian net users, as there are many ISP...
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