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Google’s new OS “FUCHSIA” for Smartphone and Tablets is making news

A new OS from Google FUCHSIA at Cyber Secure India
Google has been reportedly developing a third OS apart from the Android and Chrome OS. The  new OS has been named “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, and is said to be experimented by Google since a year now.  Google initially had built the new OS from the command line interface, and has been augmenting the system with user interface that is said to be...
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WhatsApp will now allow users to share Own-Location on a group or to a member in the chat app

WhatsApp Location Share feature in the Offing at Cyber Secure India
Were you aware that WhatsApp first captures a user’s own-location before the data connection is restored and the push and pull of data happens from the server? This data so captured is now available as a utility to provide the latitude-longitude detail over the chat to the desired users in the group of even other members. So now beware of what excuses you give for not meeting. The sharable locat...
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Google Launches ‘Trusted Contacts’- The Personal Safety App

Experience the "Trusted Contacts" app and make your friend walk virtually with you.
Being virtually present with your dear ones when they are stranded in an unknown place or are in danger while heading home, would be the most affordable social act one can perform. There can be several instances where one might feel the need of being with someone when danger encounters; to curb this, Google has a new solution in the form of a Mobile App.   The fresh built by Google is known as ...
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Firefox Focus – a free, fast and easy to use private browser for iOS released

Firefox Focus a private browser for iOS at Cyber Secure India
The concept of Private browsing has become a new trend among users now. Mozilla the provider of Firefox has announced the new release of “Firefox Focus” today, for the iOS platform. Firefox Focus, is dedicated to user privacy that by default blocks many web trackers, including analytics, social, and advertising. Users of iOS can download the software from the Apple’s App Store. The Focus is not...
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BlackBerry Unveils DTEK60- The New Entrant in the Series of BlackBerry Secure Android Smartphones

BlackBerry Releases another secure Android Handset- DTEK 60.
BlackBerry Limited (formerly Research in Motion) had lost its charm after the encryption controversy in India, but it is again gaining prominence with the range of secure Android- based Smartphones. BlackBerry (BBRY) with ‘Priv’ and ‘DTEK 50’ handsets in mere a duration of a year, has set a new criterion for all the Android powered Smartphones. Yesterday, 25th October, 2016, BlackBerry released...
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CatchApp can Decrypt and Read your Encrypted WhatsApp Conversation

CatchApp can Decrypt WhatsApp Chats!
An Israeli surveillance firm has announced that it can break into the encryption and also snoop into the secured encrypted chat of WhatsApp, and this product can be commercially purchased from them. Wintego, an Israel based firm, has said to have gained the expertise to compromise the security of the data which is transmitted through encrypted conversations by using a program named ‘CatchApp’. T...
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