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Google’s new OS “FUCHSIA” for Smartphone and Tablets is making news

A new OS from Google FUCHSIA at Cyber Secure India
Google has been reportedly developing a third OS apart from the Android and Chrome OS. The  new OS has been named “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, and is said to be experimented by Google since a year now.  Google initially had built the new OS from the command line interface, and has been augmenting the system with user interface that is said to be...
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Google releases Android O for Developers to contribute

Google's next operating system: Android O at Cyber Secure India
The Developer Preview for the next version of Android “Android O” is now available for download and testing of enthusiasts in the environment. The release has been done much prior to the expected date. Developers can now download form the link (click here for the download……) and contribute to the software. The software promises to address many issues; mainly the aspect of battery consumption an...
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Adobe Releases Emergency Flash Player Update Patching Zero-Day Vulnerability

Adobe Flash Player again found vulnerable to a Zero-Day; Patch Now!
Adobe Flash Player is that one software which has erratically experienced a great number of security patches in the past few months. The updates to the software had even made the software to the dislikes of many software vendors and users. Now, Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (APSIRT) has published a security bulletin regarding a flaw affecting the highly vulnerable, lightweight b...
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Google has just released a new stable version of its popular Chrome web browser for GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Introduction: Google has patched a lot of security vulnerabilities this week, that were discovered by various researchers during the entire development cycle of the Google Chrome 51 browser. The version has been numbered as “Chrome 51.0.2704.63”. Users can also enjoy a few of the additional features introduced in this week’s update. Google noted that some of the vulnerabilities fixed by the l...
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Over a Million Android Apps will soon find its way in Chromebook (Chrome OS)

Introduction: Google’s lightweight, browser-based Chrome OS which is available on handheld devices and laptops will now be able to install and run the Android Apps that are available on the Google Play Store. On 19 May 2016, at its I/O conference in San Francisco, Google announced that the Play Store the app store for Android smartphones is heading to Chromebooks. The Offer: The Google lapt...
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Update Adobe and Microsoft packages – Critical update released on Tuesday

Microsoft and Adobe released critical update on Tuesday, 10 May 2016. Microsoft update release has claimed that the update also include “zero-day”. While Adobe has issued security updates to fix weaknesses in its PDF Reader and Cold Fusion products. Adobe has also announced that it is also in the process of releasing the critical and essential update for its ubiquitous Flash Player browser plug-...
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