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Facebook has reported a spurt in demand for information from government agencies across the globe

Facebook- Transparency Report at Cyber Secure India
The demand for chat logs, location data, profile, friends list, and much such information on Facebook and WhatsApp by government agencies, has been on the increase. Facebook is duty bound to provide such information to the authorized cyber agencies and LEA of the governments. Facebook also releases the ‘Transparency Report’ periodically, to inform the consumers the data asked-for and provided. F...
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Apple Inc has accepted the identified ‘Touch Disease’ in the iPhone 6 Plus and has also offered cure for the same

Apple has a solution for the 'Touch Disease' in iPhone 6 Plus.
In August 2016, iFixit, a company that helps consumers to repair their electronic devices and other goods, had identified a problem in which the iPhone 6 Plus was in many reported instance would leave the handset's touch screen inoperable. This reported terminology was coined by iFixit and had gone viral in August. Reports have not confirmed as to how many phones have been affected, and the ext...
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Over 400 million accounts compromised after AdultFriendFinder network attacked

Domains related to AdultFriendFinder network under cyber attack at Cyber Secure India
  The complete database of account password was cracked, due to badly maintained software systems and hosting of the “AdultFriendFinder” website. The attackers has also been able to accesses data of even those ‘deleted’ accounts that was stored on the server. The massive attack has exposed over 400 million accounts on the www.adultfriendfinder.com, website. The website deals with adult dat...
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Joomla! Users Get Ready for a Security Fix with version 3.6.4 [UPDATED]

Joomla! Security Patch to be released Today. Vulnerability Details Unknown.
Joomla! Security Strike Team (JSST) in the previous week had opened up about an important security announcement for today 25th October, 2016. The announcement is concerning a security patch for an undisclosed critical security issue in ‘Joomla! core’; which puts users at a high security risk.   Joomla! is the second-most favourite web Content Management System (CMS) across the globe; WordPress ...
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The 21 October 2016 Cyber Attack now leads to recall of domestic Webcams from United States homes

On 21 October 2016 a massive Distributed Denial-of-Service, or (DDoS) attack had affected the Internet connectivity across North America and Europe (click here for the related article). Though the cause of the attack was difficult to be ascertained; the experts had speculated that large junk data traffic emitted from insignificant devices was the cause for this DDoS. In a recent report it has no...
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Google Maps: just going bigger with more integrated features

Google Maps: New updates at Cyber Secure India
Google, during the past week has provided a few but exciting updates to the ‘Google Maps’. First was the Google Maps v9.39 for Android, that added an innovative feature in which a user can add a traffic widget, through which the user is able to see live data pertaining to the traffic and also hints at live data about busy places. Then came the announcement of a new version and update for the i...
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