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National Cyber Authority of Israel reports beating back massive attack on the country

Cyber Attack on Israel thawed by agencies at Cyber Secure India
The National Cyber Authority (NCA) was established in Israel in the year 2012. Subsequently in the year 2015, the agency was provided a comprehensive plan for national readiness in cyberspace. On 26 Apr 2017, the Israeli Government announced that the country was under a massive Cyber Attack on over 200 entities including, government ministries, public bodies, and private individuals. "We are po...
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Microsoft proposes a Cyber Security Geneva Convention Agreement for Global Cyber Safety

Microsoft wants mutual consensuses on Cyber Security among Governments and Industry at Cyber Secure India
The Software Giant, Microsoft Corporation last month, had expressed grave concern with regard to Cyber Security and its adherence from both in the Government and Corporate establishment. It called for all stakeholders to come together and arrive at a consensus on digital standards that protect the private sector and that can also prevent major adverse cyber incidents that may cause losses to man...
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Wi-Fi Deployment for all in India: is this a distant dream and has the government factored security as part of the offing

Public Wifi and Cyber Security
The deadline set by the Delhi Government, for providing free WiFi across the Capital has over shot the deadline that was promised in the election manifesto. The reasons may not be clear, as also the fact that the Delhi Government and the Regulators have not yet been facilitated with a national policy and guidelines for its roll-out is also a matter of concern. Recently the Telecom Regulatory Au...
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CompTIA Introduces fresh Certification for Cyber Security Professionals

CompTIA cyber security analyst.
Considered as a benchmark in the field of information technology (IT), ‘CompTIA’ since many years has been providing certifications for the various branches of the IT domain. Further, with the modernization of technology and development of new ideas there remained a constant need of such best practices by a globally recognized association. Presently, to address the risks associated with the cyb...
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The World needs 1.8 Million Cyber Security Workforce by the year 2022

Cyber Security Workforce demand by 2022 at Cyber Secure India
The present era of Technology and Computers is more simple and user friendly, vis-a vis the erstwhile period. Hence, exponential is the threat to IT Processes and Systems from Cyber Risks and Vulnerability. In a recent survey conducted by Center for Cyber Safety and Education and sponsored by (ISC)2, found the deficit with regard to sourcing and skill among people to ensure safety and security i...
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Election Regulators world over now want Cyber Security as part of the Business Process

French goes to poll with Cyber Security concern at Cyber Secure India
Cyber Crime and Cyber Exploitation was been now attached to elections of any form; especially after the speculated Russia hand in the US Elections of year 2016. The Election Regulators world over have become now conscious of the fact that the component of cyber can also be a decisive factor in election outcome. The use of cyber in all aspects of election management and conduct is deemed to be a ...
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