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India gets the Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi services w.e.f 04 May 2017

Facebook 'Express Wi-Fi' in operation in India.
The pomp and show that was depicted when Facebook came out with the full-page  advertisement in the National papers: "The internet.org is now here in India". Facebook has now officially launched the “Express Wi-Fi” in India, from, today, 04 May 2017. The first of the partners being ‘Airtel’; the company will launch about 20,000 hotspots partnering with Airtel. Facebook has already carried out th...
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Facebook has reported a spurt in demand for information from government agencies across the globe

Facebook- Transparency Report at Cyber Secure India
The demand for chat logs, location data, profile, friends list, and much such information on Facebook and WhatsApp by government agencies, has been on the increase. Facebook is duty bound to provide such information to the authorized cyber agencies and LEA of the governments. Facebook also releases the ‘Transparency Report’ periodically, to inform the consumers the data asked-for and provided. F...
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All Administrators on Social Media Apps will now be responsible for offensive comments and FIR can be filed against a Group Admin for such act by other users

Offensive posts on Social Media can land group admin in jail at Cyber Secure India
India is said to be the fastest growing in terms of internet penetration. The instant messaging app “WhatsApp” which is owned by Facebook and as per the latest statistics, it is said to be the most popular messaging app globally. The app is being used in over 110 countries, and is being used by over 50 percent of the net users in the world. In India alone there are over 20 crores users. In a lan...
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An API for live video upload for publishers in competition with Facebook Live API being launched by Twitter

Twitter to launch an API for live video at Cyber Secure India
Twitter has been the most popular app among mobile users for posting details and photographs form the scene of the event. Twitter handles, could directly upload posts and broadcast messages to its followers form the scene of the event, or it takes place. Twitter then launched the popular app “Periscope”, (a feature for live video broadcast) which subsequently did not find much usability due to i...
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Apple Joins the Founding Members Team of ‘Partnership on AI’

Apple joins the team of 'Partnership on AI'
Efforts to simulate Human Intelligence have been in continuation for a substantial amount of time. The research and development done in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), has resulted in creation of machines and software robots that challenge human intelligence in some form or the other. Artificially intelligent systems and applications can perform on the basis of what has been initiall...
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Crowdtangle now acquired by Facebook to make its content more accountable

Facebook Acquires CrowdTangle at Cyber Secure India
The company Crowdtangle, that had expertise and software which monitors engagement (likes, comments, and shares) on Facebook posts via data pulled from Facebook’s API, has been acquired by Facebook Inc. Facebook has been criticised by many, for the way it was not able to monitor the posts containing misinformation and objectionable content. Facebook said that it had acquired this software compan...
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