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New Additions to the Technology by Google

Google announces new technology for the users.
Every day the web receives information in bulk, and the information is stored in huge numbers that capture a large amount of space of the data centres. The nature of information relate to domains for instance: Politics, Technology, Science and Law etc. The information is easily accessible to the end user with the help of search engines, the search engines are the resource that bring the informat...
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JavaScript Considered Rogue in nature, Google Restricts Transfer via Gmail

JavaScript is a highly used dynamic programming language. It is the language that assists the web developers in designing web applications of varied nature or giving websites a new dimension in a certain way. Since the development of JavaScript (.js), it has become an essential attribute which supports the web applications or websites and establish a seamless and an interactive session among th...
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Google to Expand the Scope of ‘OAuth 2.0’ Token Revocation soon

OAuth 2.0 to increase security for users.
In the present day scenario, Google apps have become an integral part of our lives. Surviving without a Smartphone is next to impossible nowadays and not just the Smartphone itself but the apps installed in it. Apps are the main attraction of a Smartphone (after Camera quality and Storage space); as they make our lives less complex. Apps when installed from a play store ask for certain permissi...
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Google to take control with the Proprietary version of the Android Operating System

Google Proprietary Android
Introduction: Google is reportedly working on seizing control of Android operating system with its own proprietary version of the mobile operating system as claimed by an analyst.  Technology analyst Richard Windsor has stated that “Google is working on a highly confidential internal project aimed at rewriting the ART run-time and at removing lingering dependencies from the code base in Andr...
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