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Google Map has a new update that is India specific

Google Map - Update for India at Cyber Secure India
The Google Map has now received an update that is India specific. It seems that the subscribers of Google Map in India are large enough that they cannot be neglected. The fact that many related revenue making apps subscribed by consumers ride on the ‘Google Map’ is also a point that the marketers of Google Inc cannot neglect. Notwithstanding, all the aforesaid points; it is also a known fact tha...
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Google Earth and Maps updated with sharper, more detailed satellite imagery

Google Map and Google Earth that we view on our mobiles and desktops are based on an open project by NASA and the  U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS). All the previous satellite mosaic data used by Google came from Landsat 7, which was the best available at the time. However, a hardware failure in 2003 caused newer images to be captured with diagonal gaps of missing data. The Landsat 8 satellite w...
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