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Google’s new OS “FUCHSIA” for Smartphone and Tablets is making news

A new OS from Google FUCHSIA at Cyber Secure India
Google has been reportedly developing a third OS apart from the Android and Chrome OS. The  new OS has been named “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, and is said to be experimented by Google since a year now.  Google initially had built the new OS from the command line interface, and has been augmenting the system with user interface that is said to be...
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5 October Surprise Ends! It’s a New Smartphone by Google

Google had kept the world waiting with the “October 5” surprise. The wait ended today with a new Smartphone release by Google. The Smartphone named “Pixel” had created a lot of speculation before the announcement; as rumours about Pixel were already circulating on the web. More about Pixel: Google Pixel is installed with all the ‘Google Apps’ that have been recently introduced by Google such...
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