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Google’s new OS “FUCHSIA” for Smartphone and Tablets is making news

A new OS from Google FUCHSIA at Cyber Secure India
Google has been reportedly developing a third OS apart from the Android and Chrome OS. The  new OS has been named “Fuchsia”. The Fuchsia is built on a new, Google-built kernel called “Magenta”, and is said to be experimented by Google since a year now.  Google initially had built the new OS from the command line interface, and has been augmenting the system with user interface that is said to be...
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Google ‘Fact check’ earlier available in the US and UK now has a global reach

Google Fact Check algorithm that decides whether the source of a fact check is trusted.
The feature called ‘Fact Check’ was announced in the US and UK earlier, especially in the news.google.com in the Google search window. Initially, the ‘Fact Check’ was available in the iOS and Android apps. The release of the ‘Fact Check’ feature was prompted by the judiciary and world observer bodies, pulling the string on fake news on the web. Fake News on web was especially circulated on socia...
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The Google Pixel and Pixel XL now has an update that will resolve a major flaw

Google just fixed a Pixel and Pixel XL problem at Cyber Secure India
Google Pixel and Pixel XL users were annoyed after the users had updated the security patch on the devices in February (2017). Most users complained that after the device was updated with the security patch, the Bluetooth connectivity did undergo connection disruption at frequent interval. The affected devices would randomly drop Bluetooth connections, as the radio would be turned off. This woul...
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Google releases Android O for Developers to contribute

Google's next operating system: Android O at Cyber Secure India
The Developer Preview for the next version of Android “Android O” is now available for download and testing of enthusiasts in the environment. The release has been done much prior to the expected date. Developers can now download form the link (click here for the download……) and contribute to the software. The software promises to address many issues; mainly the aspect of battery consumption an...
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Web Servers can detect HTTPS Interception; weakens TLS Security

TLS security gets weak because of HTTPS inspection.
HTTPS interception is accomplished with the help of HTTPS interception products. The aim of HTTPS interception is to record HTTPS network traffic and perform man-in-the-middle (MiTM) attack on the connection established. Generally, enterprises deploy HTTPS interception products to verify network security within the enterprise and detect and remove any malicious activity on the said network. No...
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Google broadcasts great new developments this week

News updates @Google
This week Google has something in store for everybody; kids, teachers, parents, researchers and coders. Last year, Google transformed the way in which they publish blog posts. Earlier every Google product had its own blog, but after the change a central blog called “The Keyword” got introduced. Now, ‘The Keyword’ this week has reported about several new updates by Google, the list is as follows...
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