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AccessData Releases New Version of AD eDiscovery® Software Platform and Summation®

AccessData Releases new version of E-discovery Software.
Earlier this month, AccessData Group, a trusted provider of integrated digital forensics and e-discovery software, released new versions of its Digital Forensics software products, AD Lab 6.2, FTK® 6.2 and AD Enterprise 6.2. Today, 25th April, 2017, AccessData has released version 6.2 of ‘AD eDiscovery’ and ‘Summation’. “The new version of AD eDiscovery features an innovative HTML 5 dashboa...
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After Apple Google to Dump Adobe Flash Player

Google, Flash and HTML 5
Introduction: Yesterday (June 16, 2016), Apple was in news for discontinuing Adobe Flash Player plug-in support with Mac OS Sierra in its Safari Browser. Now, Google is too following the same path. With a recent blog post on Google’s official Ads Developer Blog, the organization made it clear that w.e.f July 1st 2016, Swiffy Flash conversion service and support for the Swiffy Flash extension w...
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