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Google Map has a new update that is India specific

Google Map - Update for India at Cyber Secure India
The Google Map has now received an update that is India specific. It seems that the subscribers of Google Map in India are large enough that they cannot be neglected. The fact that many related revenue making apps subscribed by consumers ride on the ‘Google Map’ is also a point that the marketers of Google Inc cannot neglect. Notwithstanding, all the aforesaid points; it is also a known fact tha...
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India is on the map of 1GBPS Broadband connectivity and it is in the city of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the first city to roll out 1GBPS broadband speed at Cyber Secure India
The rate of Internet penetration in India is at its best, when compared to global statistics; especially when individual nations are concerned. Yet, broadband speed has been a concern. The rolling over of 4G by many service providers in India, has not been in its maximum ebb. The US and even the Chinese are far ahead in terms of speed offered to its customers. China has been able to achieve larg...
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An API for live video upload for publishers in competition with Facebook Live API being launched by Twitter

Twitter to launch an API for live video at Cyber Secure India
Twitter has been the most popular app among mobile users for posting details and photographs form the scene of the event. Twitter handles, could directly upload posts and broadcast messages to its followers form the scene of the event, or it takes place. Twitter then launched the popular app “Periscope”, (a feature for live video broadcast) which subsequently did not find much usability due to i...
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Google to provide Internet Safety related education in Indian School Curriculum

Google announces initiatives in the occasion of Safer Internet Day at Cyber Secure India
The world community celebrated 07 February 2017 as the Safer Internet Day with a theme 'Be the change: Unite for a better internet'. Many landmark decisions across the globe have been taken by Government, Corporates and Individuals, to mark the “Safer Internet Day”. Google in India has also announced that it has joined hands with Goa Education board to introduce internet safety into the school...
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Can we expect an Election Hack in India: potential exploitation of the cyber domain for luring of voters?

Cyber Attack and Crimes during Indian Election 2017 at Cyber Secure India
The news and released US intelligence agencies accusing Russian president Vladimir Putin of ordering an initiative to help Trump’s electoral chances by discrediting Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US presidential campaign, had flooded the media in the recent past. The Russian President had subsequently denied the reports and mentioned that Moscow is being blamed due to sour grapes from the losing si...
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Apple Inc has accepted the identified ‘Touch Disease’ in the iPhone 6 Plus and has also offered cure for the same

Apple has a solution for the 'Touch Disease' in iPhone 6 Plus.
In August 2016, iFixit, a company that helps consumers to repair their electronic devices and other goods, had identified a problem in which the iPhone 6 Plus was in many reported instance would leave the handset's touch screen inoperable. This reported terminology was coined by iFixit and had gone viral in August. Reports have not confirmed as to how many phones have been affected, and the ext...
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