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The new South Asia Satellite: A Technology Marvel for SAARC Countries

ISROs gift to SAARC countries at Cyber Secure India
The Rs 450 Crore gift to South Asia by India is referred to as the 'Heavyweight bird in the sky'. On May 5, the Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), also called the 'Naughty boy of ISRO' in its 11th mission will carry the message of peace over the skies of the Sriharikota island. The 'South Asia Satellite' as it is referred to, which India has built for use by countries of the South ...
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Cisco Cyber Range Lab in India Inaugurated

Cisco sets up 'Cyber Range' in Gurugram, India.
Cisco in India has recently inaugurated a "Cyber Range" at its Gurugram location. The Range is claimed to be 'a one of its kind' in India. It has the built-in capability of providing highly specialized technical training to help security staff build the skills and experience necessary to combat new-age threats. The event which was organized on 12 April 2017, was inaugurated by Dr. Gulshan Rai, ...
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