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India gets the Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi services w.e.f 04 May 2017

Facebook 'Express Wi-Fi' in operation in India.
The pomp and show that was depicted when Facebook came out with the full-page  advertisement in the National papers: "The internet.org is now here in India". Facebook has now officially launched the “Express Wi-Fi” in India, from, today, 04 May 2017. The first of the partners being ‘Airtel’; the company will launch about 20,000 hotspots partnering with Airtel. Facebook has already carried out th...
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Wi-Fi Deployment for all in India: is this a distant dream and has the government factored security as part of the offing

Public Wifi and Cyber Security
The deadline set by the Delhi Government, for providing free WiFi across the Capital has over shot the deadline that was promised in the election manifesto. The reasons may not be clear, as also the fact that the Delhi Government and the Regulators have not yet been facilitated with a national policy and guidelines for its roll-out is also a matter of concern. Recently the Telecom Regulatory Au...
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TRAI contemplates on appointing ombudsman to help resolve service quality issues

The Concept of Ombudsman has been an effective and successful concept for redresses of complaints in the Banking Sector of India. Now, TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, is planning to adopt of the concept of Ombudsman, for the telecom consumers. There are over 100 crore customers in the Indian telecom sector, and disputes between telecom operators and users mostly involve billin...
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TRAI launches ‘MySpeed’ app to check internet speed on smartphones

The TRAI or the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, has been getting complaints from customers, especially related to the speed of browsing or download/upload. And the speed test done at the consumer end, was not based on a standard or from any certified agency. TRAI has now launched a mobile app to help consumers check the internet speed on their smartphones. The "TRAI MySpeed" app will help...
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