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Facebook has reported a spurt in demand for information from government agencies across the globe

Facebook- Transparency Report at Cyber Secure India
The demand for chat logs, location data, profile, friends list, and much such information on Facebook and WhatsApp by government agencies, has been on the increase. Facebook is duty bound to provide such information to the authorized cyber agencies and LEA of the governments. Facebook also releases the ‘Transparency Report’ periodically, to inform the consumers the data asked-for and provided. F...
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All Administrators on Social Media Apps will now be responsible for offensive comments and FIR can be filed against a Group Admin for such act by other users

Offensive posts on Social Media can land group admin in jail at Cyber Secure India
India is said to be the fastest growing in terms of internet penetration. The instant messaging app “WhatsApp” which is owned by Facebook and as per the latest statistics, it is said to be the most popular messaging app globally. The app is being used in over 110 countries, and is being used by over 50 percent of the net users in the world. In India alone there are over 20 crores users. In a lan...
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WhatsApp will now allow users to share Own-Location on a group or to a member in the chat app

WhatsApp Location Share feature in the Offing at Cyber Secure India
Were you aware that WhatsApp first captures a user’s own-location before the data connection is restored and the push and pull of data happens from the server? This data so captured is now available as a utility to provide the latitude-longitude detail over the chat to the desired users in the group of even other members. So now beware of what excuses you give for not meeting. The sharable locat...
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CatchApp can Decrypt and Read your Encrypted WhatsApp Conversation

CatchApp can Decrypt WhatsApp Chats!
An Israeli surveillance firm has announced that it can break into the encryption and also snoop into the secured encrypted chat of WhatsApp, and this product can be commercially purchased from them. Wintego, an Israel based firm, has said to have gained the expertise to compromise the security of the data which is transmitted through encrypted conversations by using a program named ‘CatchApp’. T...
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WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook for ad targeting- and here’s how you can opt out

Many in the industry are not aware of the fact that WhatsApp is a service provided by Facebook Inc. The comapny have never till date minced the two entity and also for that matter, it has not even attempted to share the data or provide a cross-platform utility on for the smartphone users who have been subscribers of both the application, i.e. Facebook and WhatsApp. However, an announcement made...
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WhatsApp Popular Features and the new FixedSys Font

WhatsApp is the most popular Messaging App in India today, Facebook had declare in April-May 2016 that WhatsApp subscriber base surpassed one billion active users globally, making it the world's most popular messaging app. Facebook purchased this app in 2014 for a whopping $19 billlion, and during the merger there were just above just million users. During the April-May 2016, update,WhatsApp wa...
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